This new major release brings many fixes and new features.

The most important change is the new notification system making alerts thru E-Mail, Push and SMS even more simple. New app E-Mail Notification will help you to set up E-Mails to be notified. To set up Push notifications use new Z-Wave.Me apps from Google Play and Apple AppStore. To configure notifications go in widget settings and select whom to notify and under which condition. Admin can edit all notification conditions in new system app called Notification Filtering. Note that after upgrade you will have to walk thru all notifications and set them up again!

In Expert UI there is a new Promiscuous mode of Zniffer to monitor packets between device (make sure to upgrade RaZberry/UZB firmware to version 5.39). Improved background RSSI monitoring. In Configuration → Firmware upgrade page Z-Way will suggest firmwares from Z-Wave.Me Firmware Storage. We encourage manufacturers to submit OTA firmwares to our support team for publication.

Available for Raspberry Pi, Windows, Ubuntu and Z-Wave.Me Hub.

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