Z-Way Manual


Structure of the book

This book describes all aspects of the Z-Way controller software solution. This include both the Z-Way software solution and the hardware Z-Way runs on. The book is structured as follows:

Start > Use > Extend > Manage > Customize > Contribute

The start section provides the necessary information to fire up a Z-Way-based controller. This is followed by the explanation of the daily user interface — called Z-WAY SMART HOME INTERFACE — both for standard web browser and as native app for mobile devices. The next section cover the options to extend the system by supporting more radio technologies, third-party solutions, and other applications.

Figure 1.1: Z-Wave Essentials
Image zwbook

The next chapter explains tools and processes to manage and troubleshoot Z-Wave networks, followed by explanations of how to customize the user interface to your specific needs.

The final section of the book is dedicated to developers and programmers who can, and are willing to, contribute to the project and/or design their own solutions based on Z-Way.

The need for technical understanding and knowledge increases from chapter to chapter.

Please note that this book will not provide any basic knowledge about the Z-Wave technology as such. Please refer to the book 'Z-Wave Essentials' as shown in figure 1.1 for an comprehensive explanation of the Z-Wave technology. The book is available at amazon.com and many other book sellers. The ISBN number is 978-1545394640.

History of Z-Way

The history of Z-Way dates back into the year of 2008. Two developers had done their own private Z-Wave controller written in Python. When they got engaged they realized that they should combine their solutions and create a second generation Z-Wave controller. The work on this merger started in May 2009 and the result - a complete Z-Wave controller written in python was certified by the Z-Wave Alliance in March 2011.


To allow porting of this code to small memory platforms the whole software was rewritten in C and Javascript was used as scripting engine. The same time the code was updated according the new Z-Wave Plus certification process and finally certified as first Z-Wave Plus compatible controller in Fall of 2014.


After many improvements the year of 2017 brought the next major change. As first software again Z-Way in Version 3.0 supports the new innovative security architecture of Z-Wave called S2.

Status of the document

The manual is based on Z-Way software release >= 2.3.6. Some functions marked in blue text text require Z-Way v3.0.0 and up.