Z-Way Manual

Z-Way Data Model Reference


This is the description of the data object (called Data Holder or DH).

General note: Z-Way objects and it's decendents are NOT simple JS objects, but native JS objects, that does not allow object modification.

JS object zway


You can access the data elements of "controller" in the Z-WAVE EXPERT USER INTERFACE in menu Network > Controller Info using the buttons Show controller data and Show controller's device data.

Function classes as shown in section [*] are called as methods of the object zway.controller.


The devices object contains the array of the device objects. Each device in the network - including the controller itself - has a device object in Z-Way.


The data object can be accesses in the Z-WAVE EXPERT USER INTERFACE in advanced mode of 'Configuration'


Each device may have multiple instances (similar functions like switches, same type sensors, ...) If only one instance is present the id of this instance is 0. Command classes are located in instances only.


This is the Command Class object. It contains public methods and public data elements that are described in chapter [*]