Smart Home network consist of controllers, actuators and sensors all interacting with each others. Our products help you to run your own network by customising your controller to your own needs and to hook up existing hardware to a Z-Wave network.

Z-Wave.Me produces several flavors of Z-Wave controllers for various platforms.
The RaZberry — a shield for Raspberry Pi, the UZB — a USB dongle and the Hub — a router based gateway.

Z-Wave.Me RaZberry Z-Wave.Me UZB Z-Wave.Me Hub

Despite there are more then 2000 different Z-Wave sensors and actuators on the market there is still a need to connect your particular sensor or actor to Z-Wave or just create your own Z-Wave network. Z-Uno is the way to go if you want to avoid complicated Z-Wave firmware development but leverage our android skills.

Z-Wave.Me Z-Uno