For Raspberry and other Pi platforms

First installation when Raspberry Pi is already up und running

To download Z-Way for your RaZberry, login to your Rapsberry Pi box in terminal and execute the following command:

wget -q -O - | sudo bash

Note that currently only Raspbian Stretch and Buster are supported. Older versions (Weezy and Jessie) should be upgraded first.

First installation on a virgin Raspberry

Download the complete SD Card image of Raspbian Buster including Z-Way software and various other tools from

To prepare the SD Card please refer to the guidance on

After installing Z-Way wait about 1 minute then open a web browser and point to  Below the login screen you will see the IP address of your Raspberry Pi system.

Upgrade from older versions

Follow instructions to smoothly upgrade your Z-Way from older versions.

For other Unix and Windows platforms

Z-Way package is available for many different architectures including different variants of Linux, Windows and some embedded platforms. Browse Z-Way packages repository.

Please refer to the manual “Z-Way Essentials” for more information on hardware requirements and installation steps for other platforms.