• complete Smart Home Controller software for various platforms
  • supports Z-Wave S2 and Smart Start
  • different licensing models
  • tested against >> 500 physical devices for interoperability

Z-Way is a complete Smart Home Controller Software supporting Z-Wave but other technologies such as EnOcean, WIFI, 433 MHz as well. It runs on a broad variety of hardwares such as Raspberry Pi, Windows, Ubuntu, Debian, etc. To use the Z-Wave functions a Z-Wave.Me hardware such as UZB or RaZberry is needed (*). It consists of various building blocks that can be used together or separate:

  1. The Z-Way lib: This is the core and heart of Z-Way. It implements the Z-Wave controller functions and is closed source
  2. the EnOcean lib: This lib implements the EnOcean Device drivers and is closed source
  3. Automation Engine: This layer allows running the automation logic and integrates third party wired and wireless protocols. Its predominantly open source.
  4. The Z-Wave Expert User Interface: This is the reference User interface for Z-Wave functions and dedicated to Z-Wave Pros. Its written in AJAX and uses the Automation Engine and Z-Way lib APIs.
  5. The Smart Home User Interface: This allow the complete control of all functions of the controllers. Its written in AJAX and uses the Automation Engine.
  6. A cloud platform to allows access to the home network when on the road.
  7. Native Apps for iOS and Android: The apps allows using the complete system on the road. They are written in native code and they are available in the app stores of the mobile platforms.

The power of Z-Way lies in its open design. You are more than welcome to contribute to the different building blocks.  For more information on hardware platforms, functions, User Interfaces, Customisation options and development environment please refer to the always updated Z-Way manual “Z-Way Essentials“.

(*) If you want to run Z-Way on your own platform please check the page “Will Z-Way run” on my platform” and contact us for licensing costs and porting effort estimation.