The better you report a bug, the better we can help you. Please follow the instructions below to make a report.

First search for the same symptoms and solutions over the Internet

Please use search engines! Also look into ourĀ forum. Still not found? Read further!

Where do you think the bug is in?

  • in Z-Way
  • in Z-Wave interoperability
  • in blue UI
  • in new UI
  • in API
  • in documentation

Are you sure it is a bug?

May be it is a feature? šŸ˜‰ Some software design solutions you might find not convinient at the first glance are made so especially to give you more flexibility and power!

Is it reproducable?

Please provide us exact instructions how to reproduce it. If you can’t, but it happens unpredictably, try to find out some correlationsĀ ā€”Ā this will help us to find it our in our lab.

Which devices are involved in the test?

Can you reproduce it other devices of same type? Please note that some devices have their own problems no always conforming Z-Wave protocol and Z-Way just emphasizes them ā€”Ā this is not a problem of Z-Way!

Provide as much information as possible!

We need everything: version of Z-Way, logs, Z-Way queue photo (see image below), screenshots of the problem, descriptions about how to reproduce it, list of devices involved and their versions (see the screenshot below), your Linux or Raspbian distribution.

Where to send all the info?

We have separated RaZberry/Z-Way into many blocks and we are trying to keep these issues separated.

  • On the new Expert UI pleaseĀ report here. Note that Blue UI is not supported anymore.
  • About Home Automation UI (HA UI) pleaseĀ report here.
  • On Home Automation engine (JavaScript and modules) pleaseĀ post here.
  • ForĀ AndroidĀ andĀ iOSĀ UIs
  • On problems in Z-Wave core engine (queueing, incomplete interview)Ā here.
  • ForĀ TV web UI.

If you can not describe well the bug, please send all this atĀ razberry(at)

How do I get the version of Z-Way?

  • check in the blue UI inĀ For expertsĀ tab underĀ Controller infoĀ (see image below)
  • do in the terminal:
    cd /opt/z-way-server; LD_LIBRARY_PATH=./libs ./z-way-server -h 2>/dev/null | head -n 1
  • look into the log, do in the terminal:
    grep /var/log/z-way-server.log | tail -n 1

Where do I get the log?

The log file is located in /var/log/z-way-server.log.

Shall I send you the full huge log file?

Please do not! Remove it, restart the software and reproduct your problem. Then stop Z-Way and send us the log.

How do I start/stop Z-Way?

In the terminal:

sudo /etc/init.d/z-way-server stop


sudo /etc/init.d/z-way-server start

How do I start Z-Way manually?

If you want to run Z-Way from the terminal (not via startup scripts), do the following:

sudo LD_LIBRARY_PATH=./libs ./z-way-server

You can add more command line params to change Z-Wave behaviour (add -h to see the list of available commands). By default Z-Way takes parameters fromĀ config.xmlĀ file.

How to report Linux/Raspbian information?

Please do:

file /bin/ls; uname -a