• Z-Station

    Multi-protocol USB dongle. Supports Z-Wave and Zigbee/Thread/BLE
  • Z-Station

    Best in class antennas
  • Z-Station

    Compatible with ecosystems
One device for all modern IoT automation protocols
  • Supported wireless technologies

    Z-Wave, Zigbee, Thread, Bluetooth Low Energy

  • Compatible with open-source

    Home Assistant, Z-WaveJS, Zigbee2MQTT, Node-RED, OpenHAB, Domoticz, FHEM and others

  • Includes Z-Way

    Delivered with the best in class Z-Wave and Zigbee controller software

  • USB Type C

    One meter USB-cable included. Appears as two serial ports for Z-Wave and Zigbee/Thread/BLE

  • High-quality external antennas

    provides three times bigger RF range

  • Network diagnostics

    Know more about your Z-Wave network thanks to the built-in tools

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Z-Wave features

On the front edge of the Z-Wave technology!

  • Z-Wave Plus V2
  • Strong Security S2 encryption
  • Easiest device installation using Z-Wave SmartStart
  • Long Range with up to 1 mile distance and up to 4k connected devices
  • Tested against more than 700 physical devices for interoperability
  • Advanced tool for network statistics and analysis

Zigbee/Thread/BLE features

All 2.4 IoT protocols in one device!

  • Zigbee
  • OpenThread (Matter-ready)
  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Zigbee & OpenThread (Matter-ready)

Z-Wave.Me advanced features

On top of the standard Silicon Labs Z-Wave Serial API

  • Static Serial API to support open source software
  • Backup & restore function
  • Zniffer to monitor Z-Wave traffic
  • Tunable transmit power for bigger range
  • Network diagnostics tools to improve network health
  • Jamming detection to protect from network DoS attacks

Z-Way key features

Based on the Z-Way software and support all powerful features of Z-Way

  • Open HTTP API for interacting with devices
  • Mobile apps for iOS, Android
  • Home automation rules for many different use cases
  • Easy to integrate with other systems in your home
  • Smart home apps and easy scripting language
  • Big community making own smart home apps

Z-Station specification

Z-Station EU for 865-870 MHz and 2.4 GHz
Z-Station US for 908-921 MHz and 2.4 GHz
Supported software: Z-Way, Home Assistant, OpenHAB, Domoticz, FHEM, Z/IP, Z-Ware and others
Serial API: Silicon Labs Z-Wave Serial API with Z-Wave.Me extensions
Z-Wave SDK: 7.21 or upper
Z-Wave features: Z-Wave Plus, Security S2, Smart Start, Long Range
Z-Wave Transceiver: Silicon Labs ZGM130S
Zigbee/Thread/BLE Transceiver: Silicon Labs EFR32MG21P
Serial API: Silicon Labs EZSP Serial API with Z-Wave.Me extensions
Interface: USB Type C
Linx Technologies 868 MHz and 2.4 GHz
Linx Technologies 916 MHz and 2.4 GHz
Frequency range
865–869 MHz and 2.4 GHz
908–917, 919–921 MHz and 2.4 GHz
Europe, India, China, Russia, South Africa, Middle East
North America, Latin America, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Peru, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Korea
FCC certification
CE certification

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Z-Station provides two serial interfaces used by the Z-Wave and Zigbee / Thread / BLE application respectively. Linux and Mac OSX has a built in device driver for the stick and will create a new device named like /dev/ttyUSB* (Linux) or /dev/cu.SLAB_USBtoUART (OSX). Windows enumerates a new COM port device but might require a CP2105 device driver by Silicon Labs.


Z-Station supports Z-Wave and Zigbee NCP, OpenThread RCP, Bluetooth Low Energy or Zigbee NCP/OpenThread RCP (on your choice, selected by firmware update). It is also possible to use Z-Station as a Z-Wave/Zigbee/Thread repeater (special firmware required).

Z-Wave support

Compared to the standard firmware design used by almost all Z-Wave USB Sticks and other Z-Wave Host Interface hardware, the this device firmware offers several extensions and enhancements:
  • Embedded Z-Wave Zniffer tool
  • Backup and recovery function including network topology
  • Optimised transmitting queue handling to speed up transmitting process
  • Firmware update from the OS level in the field
  • Extended Wakeup Notification to extend battery life time of battery-operated devices in the network
  • Advanced statistics about network actual usage
  • Allows switching frequencies from software
  • Compatible with third-party software like Home Assistant, Z-WaveJS, OpenZWave, Domoticz, OpenHAB, Jeedom (thanks to static library mode)

Zigbee support

Zigbee is available in NCP (network co-processor) and RCP (radio co-processor) variants. Zigbee HA 3.0 protocol is supported. To work with Zigbee2MQTT you may need to update your Z-Station.
  • Embedded 802.15.4 sniffer tool
  • Optimised configuration for stable operation in large networks
  • Firmware update from the OS level in the field
  • Compatible with third-party software like Home Assistant, Zigbee2MQTT, OpenHAB

Thread support

Both Zigbee and Thread use the 802.15.4 MAC/PHY layer. OpenThread is available in RCP version.
  • Embedded 802.15.4 sniffer tool
  • Firmware update from the OS level in the field
  • Compatible with third-party software like Home Assistant, OpenThread Border Router

Matter support

Matter support requires the Thread firmware and a host application supporting Matter protocol. The Z-Station adapter with OpenThread firmware is compatible with the Project CHIP source code.

Bluetooth Low Energy support

BLE RCP firmware provides HCI serial interface. Supported by Linux BlueZ Bluetooth infrastructure.

For advanced users

Z-Station is a professional multi-protocol solution for home and commercial automation. High-quality external antennas and 1 meter USB cable allows to place Z-Station far from metal parts and achieve 3 times better range compared to classical USB dongles. The built-in Zniffer feature allows network diagnostics and debugging without additional hardware.

Ordering information

Z-Station adapter comes in two different versions depending on the transmitting frequency used:
  • ZMEEZSTATION_ZW_ZB: Version for all frequencies around 868 MHz (Europe, India, China, Russia, South Africa, Middle East).
  • ZMEUZSTATION_ZW_ZB: Version for all frequencies around 908-921 MHz (North America, Latin America, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Peru, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Korea)
  • ZME_ZSTATION_ZW_ZB: Version for any frequencies (no antennas included - add your own)

Need help?

In case of questions contact us by e-mail on support@z-wave.me or via our Help Center.