Please be advised that the Z-Wave Alliance is discontinuing support of the Certified Installer Toolkit (CIT) program. To continue to use your CIT you must upgrade your device by 31.12.2020 from the CIT user interface.

By upgrading your device you will be able to continue to use the CIT and all of the functionality, including remote access, found within the commercial Z-Wave gateway product: Z-Way by Z-Wave.Me. This is a free service and you will no longer be required to have a Z-Wave Alliance member account to use your CIT.

Use the Firmware upgrade item in Settings tab to upgrade your CIT device and put it on the new Z-Way platform. The upgrade is made in two steps: first to CIT v2.3.6.2 and then to Z-Way v3.0.6.

During the update of your CIT it will be transformed into Z-Wave.Me Z-Way controller. This controller has all the features from the CIT and even more.

After pressing the upgrade button your CIT will update the firmware of the Z-Wave chip, download from the internet the new system image (about 2 Gb, usually takes ~15 min) and install it on your SD card (takes additional 15 minutes). The progress bar will hang at about 20% – this is normal, keep waiting.


Once done, you should be able to see the new Wi-Fi network RPi3-XXXX. To access your Z-Way controller (ex CIT) go to or connect to the Wi-Fi network and go to

IMPORTANT! Clean browser cache and cookies and refresh the page.

Z-Way should propose you to set up a new password.

The Z-Way password is to be set on first login. The Raspberry Pi (the hardware base of the CIT) SSH user/password will be pi/raspberry. The Wi-Fi password is located in /etc/hostapd/hostapd.conf (wpa_passphrase field).

Download the Z-Way quick installer guide.

If you upgrade fails after 60 minutes (or you accidentally disconnected the power or lost internet connection), try to reboot the CIT and try again. If it does not work anymore, disconnect the CIT, unscrew it and remove the SD card. Use the image locate on to write it to the SD card. Insert it back in the CIT and enjoy your new Z-Way controller.